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What is Addictions Counselling?

Our approach to addiction treatment in Calgary reinforces the best aspects of our clients. Confronting addiction issues may feel overwhelming, but understanding the chance for improvement or growth can be essential to successful treatment. Addiction is a treatable condition involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences. Our compassionate addictions counselling is rooted in an approach that is evidence-based and comprehensive, moving from initial assessment and treatment to a focus on relapse prevention and maintenance of productive changes made.

How Do I Know if I’m Addicted?

Research on addiction differentiates between substance addiction and process addiction. With substance addiction, a person develops a compulsive relationship with one or multiple substances, such as drugs or alcohol. Process addiction refers to a compulsive relationship with some sort of activity, such as gaming or sex.

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How Does Addiction Counselling in Calgary Work?​

The varying nature of addiction means that no two counselling plans are identical. We work with our clients to understand their needs and develop a treatment plan that effectively works for them. This may involve exploring unhealthy triggers, counteracting negative behaviours or looking at past issues to discover underlying problems. Overall, we offer solutions to change the relationship with the substance or activity. Our addictions counselling relies on proven methods and can employ a holistic approach to care. For example, addiction issues may develop in response to poor sleep, which makes insomnia treatment in Calgary an important component of the solution for some individuals.
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Change Your Relationship With Addiction

Freeing yourself from the burden of addiction can be frustrating or challenging. However, your perseverance is an intricate part of the healing process, and you will grow stronger and discover benefits as you confront it. When you work to change your relationship to the substance or activity to which you are addicted, all aspects of your life can benefit. Contact us to learn more about obtaining the proper support of addiction counselling services

Addictions counselling gives you tools to identify negative habits and separate yourself from the symptoms of addiction.

An activity becomes an addiction when you no longer have control over its use. If you find it necessary to engage with the habit at certain times or during certain events, you may be addicted.

A persistent focus on the addiction and the harmful repetition of engagement in particular behaviours are hallmarks of addiction. When confronted, blaming others or engaging in denial can also be signs of an addiction issue.

Direct billing

We believe in removing barriers to accessing treatment.

We can direct bill many major insurance companies to ensure your experience with us is more convenient and stress-free.

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Our Approach

Our care approach for trauma counselling in Calgary revolves around you.

Begin by booking an appointment with one of our psychologists specifically, or request a match with one based on your individual needs. During your first meeting, we’ll learn about you and your treatment goals and offer our recommendations for specific, evidence-based help. We can also perform assessments to properly diagnose your mental health concerns, enabling us to customize your treatment further. Each subsequent session is a refinement of your goals and the methods that we use to reach them. We encourage growth and self-reflection throughout the process and welcome you to control as much of the decision-making as you are comfortable with.