Additional Information for Telepsychology Services

By agreeing to meet with my psychologist via telepsychology services (i.e., videoconference or telephone), I confirm my awareness and understanding of the following additional limitations and responsibilities:

Service Limitations

  • Telepsychology may lead to misunderstandings, due to limited or absent visual cues. You or your psychologist may seek clarification when misinterpretations occur.
  • E-mail may be used for scheduling purposes or in the event of technical difficulties. Your psychologist does not receive or respond to text messages or social media communication.
  • Psychologists in Alberta are regulated by the College of Alberta Psychologists. Questions or concerns regarding telepsychological services may be directed to the same.
  • From time to time, we may review whether telepsychology is the right fit for you. Alternatives to telepsychology include in-person appointments, referral to available local service providers, or local crisis services (e.g., the Calgary Distress Centre). If appropriate, your psychologist will discuss potential referrals with you.
  • Telepsychology services are not an appropriate venue for managing an imminent crisis. See the “Urgent Contact” section of your Psychological Services Agreement for crisis service providers. Should a crisis arise during an appointment, your psychologist will direct you to an appropriate crisis service provider.

Technology & Confidentiality Limitations

  • Telepsychology services may be disrupted by technological difficulties (e.g., poor internet connectivity; time delays, equipment failure).
  • No recording of appointments is permitted by either party unless agreed to in writing prior to the appointment.
  • Your psychologist’s services, including third-party software used, comply with the requirements described in PIPEDA and PIPA, the respective federal and provincial security legislation. However, data transmission over the internet or other networks may not be secure. For this reason, increased efforts to protect your information (e.g., identity verification) may occur.
  • There are confidentiality limitations and risks associated with telepsychology (e.g., internet participation being discovered by others, risk of public discovery, and possibility of hackers).

Responsibilities of the Client

  • You must be physically located in Alberta at the time of your appointments. It is your responsibility to inform your psychologist if you are not in Alberta at the time of your scheduled appointment.
  • Telepsychology services may require technological familiarity, including hardware and/or software requirements. You will discuss any questions regarding the same with your psychologist prior to your initial appointment.
  • You are aware of your responsibility to protect the privacy of your appointments by conducting appointments in a private residence, ensuring that you are the only person in the room during your appointment, unless agreed upon previously, and out of hearing range of others in the home.